Is GAPS for You?

“All disease begins in the gut.”
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine
460 B.C. to 370 B.C.

Are you or your loved one challenged with acne, acid reflux, ADD/ADHD, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, autism, autoimmune disorders, bladder or urinary tract infections (including chronic cystitis), Candida, Celiac disease, colic, colitis, constipation, Crohn’s, depression, dermatitis, diabetes, ear infections, eczema, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), psoriasis, sinus or yeast infections? The Gut and Psychology Syndrome Program is for you.

While not all gut issues are psychological in nature, all psychological conditions involve gut disorder, except in rare cases. The GAPS Diet is a very holistic approach to healing, starting with the gut. Between 70 and 85 % of your immune system lies within the gut. The gastrointestinal tract has a myriad of vital functions for your health, including digestion, nutrient absorption, defense against invading pathogens, hormone metabolism, detoxification, elimination and production of energy. Additionally, 99% of the body’s neurotransmitters (those feel-good chemicals) are manufactured in the small intestine. So it is easy to see the critical role gut health plays in one’s overall health. Whether your condition is of the psychological category or primarily seen as a physical disease, the GAPS Program will allow repair throughout the many systems of the body.

If you or your child is dealing with abdominal pain, bloating, colitis, Crohn’s, Celiac disease, chronic diarrhea (loose stools), autism, Down’s syndrome, seizures, tics, Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections (PANDAS), emotional instability, panic attacks or psychosis it is advisable to begin with the Introduction Diet. Those who are schizophrenic or very ill may find they heal best by staying on the second stage of the Introduction Diet indefinitely. Remember, the goal is healing and the process is going to vary from person to person.

The GAPS Program is the most effective physical therapy we have found to bring healing to the body. Hippocrates knew well that “All disease begins in the gut.” And so, it is with the gut that we begin our steps back to health.

Hear what others have experienced through their work
with us using the GAPS Program

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
A couple of years ago we embarked on the GAPS Diet with my, then four year old, daughter Ava. After a very rough year of struggling with symptoms of ADHD I was at the end of my rope. She was incapable of focusing, and would literally bounce around the house. She had difficulty making eye contact, following directions, and many more issues that made daily life a struggle. Kim had helped me in the past and was my first resource in helping to treat Ava. She introduced us to the GAPS Diet and helped us navigate through the dietary changes in addition to treating her with other homeopathic supplements.

The improvement I saw in Ava was dramatic. Kim truly changed our lives. While Ava was still a very precocious child, she was much more in control of herself. Her outbursts decreased as we continued with the diet and she was able to maintain a calmer more focused demeanor when needed. I can’t sing the praises of Kim and the GAPS Diet enough. After almost three years I have a happy healthy seven year old who excels in school.
AM, mother of three 

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)/gastrointestinal distress/weakened immunity
“Thank you for the suggestion of putting Bentley on the GAPS Diet. As you will recall, she was falling behind in math at school as it seemed she was really having difficulty staying focused and engaged. After only being on the GAPS Diet for a couple of months we’ve seen dramatic improvements in her grades. She’s now on the A/B Honor Roll and in recent benchmark testing she scored a 92 in reading and a 90 in math. We couldn’t be more pleased!

As you know, I started the GAPS Diet as well to support Bentley. As you may know, for the past year I have been dealing with irregular gastro-intestinal symptoms. After just a few weeks, I became regular like clockwork and have felt great! Another benefit, I believe due to better eating and the introduction of probiotics, we’ve made it through cold and flu season virtually unscathed. Bentley has usually piled up the missed days of school and I’ve usually had to miss a few days as well. We’ve both made it through the entire cold and flu season with a very minor cold that required no missed days.

Thanks again. Your advice and the GAPS diet has made a significant difference in our health and well being.”
DB, father

Asthma, joint pain, digestive issues
“Just over a year ago, July 2011, I embarked on the GAPS Diet to help health issues I had struggled with for many years. At around the age of 12, I became accustom to using a prescription inhaler, Albuterol, whenever the seasons changed or I was struggling with an asthma attack. I also struggled on and off with digestive issues from a fairly young age. In my adult life I was able to wean myself from the Albuterol for the most part, and found relief using some homeopathic remedies. Living in Arizona seemed to almost totally eliminate, but upon returning to Texas, I began to rely on the homeopathics for my wheezing once again, and allergies I’d never had before seemed to “pop” up!  Moving into my 40’s I began to develop joint pains, especially in my hips.

Last summer I talked with Kim because along with the joint pain, I was also having issues with my swallowing…I felt as if there was a lump in my throat many times after I ate. She encouraged me to just give the GAPS Diet a try. I felt, “What have I got to lose. She’s helped me in many ways over the years.” I geared up for this endeavor in June and plunged forward into the introduction diet in July.

Within the first month I was experiencing zero joint pain and as well, that lump in my throat after eating was gone. In the past year, I cannot recall having to reach for any of the homeopathics for wheezing or asthma. Over the past few months I have started having more joint pains again. This was a bit discouraging but about 3 weeks ago I started thinking through my routine. I realized that for the past several months I was slacking on my broth intake. I would try to make sure I had one cup w/a meal, usually dinner. I started reading some articles on broth and joint pain, and decided to get back to the 3 cups or more of broth a day just to see if I could tell a difference. It was quick, and by the end of the first day, after consuming about a quart of broth, my body wasn’t all achy.

January through March in Texas is typically tough months for me due to environmental allergies. This year, thanks to the GAPS Diet, I skated through those months with no symptoms of allergies. Though the GAPS Diet does take some work, it has been a huge blessing to my life and I plan to continue on with this for deeper healing.”
KB, 45-year old woman

Bipolar behavior, gut infections
“In 2008 we were desperately seeking help for our then 9 year old daughter. We had suspected for a long time something wasn’t right but now the daily mood swings, rages and seizures had increased to a point where we knew this wasn’t a matter of temperament or parenting style. Psychiatric evaluations indicated our best course of treatment to be a cocktail of powerful drugs with ‘mix-and-match’ side effects.  A friend referred us to Kim Schuette at Biodynamic Wellness.  

After a series of tests and evaluations with Kim, we learned we were dealing with MRSA, yeast toxicity, very high levels of aluminum and chronic Lyme disease. We started on the GAPS Diet as a foundation for her overall treatment and to first bring the yeast levels under control. Once a more healthy gut flora was established her body was then in a position to respond to remedies for the other conditions.  After about 18 months of treatment, she was clear of all symptoms. We’ve adopted many of the principles of the GAPS Diet into our whole family’s diet and have seen very positive results. We couldn’t recommend Kim and the GAPS Diet highly enough.”
CF, father of 13-year old girl

Constipation, tooth decay and chronic urinary tract disorder
“Since our daughter Naomi started solid food at the age of six months, she struggled with several chronic, hard-to-treat conditions, including severe constipation, urinary troubles, and tooth decay.  We knew these issues were connected to her diet, and worked hard to implement a gluten-free diet that minimized sugars and starches.  Thanks to Susie at Biodynamic Wellness, we were able to implement a full GAPS-style, nutrient dense diet that not only allowed Naomi’s digestive and elimination systems to heal completely, but also remineralized her teeth.  Before our very eyes, a visible cavity on one of Naomi’s top incisors healed, actually growing new white enamel.  It was a day of great celebration for us when we took Naomi to the dentist and she was pronounced cavity-free!  In addition, Naomi – who had not been able to gain a single pound in two years – started sprouting up like a beanstalk, gaining ten pounds and two shoe sizes!  We are so happy about Naomi’s new status of strong health and vitality, and grateful to Susie for her careful, knowledgeable guidance.  Many thanks to you, Susie!!!”
SV, mother of toddler

“Since birth, my son Connor spent his days writhing in pain, vomiting, crying, and constipated. He began having seizures, on average, 40 per day. He had to have a feeding tube implanted into his stomach to receive nutrition. He lost his eyesight from the unrelenting seizures that ravaged his brain. We took him to every specialist we could find, across the country and even out of the country. No doctor or medication was able to stop his seizures. My son stared off into space, lifeless, seizing and whining. Finally, we were referred to Kim by a foundation that offers support for children with unusual disorders. After beginning the GAPS Diet and having our son treated by Dr. Murphy, an osteopath Kim recommended, on day 10, Connor’s seizures stopped. He has been seizure free for almost three months. His gastrointestinal issues subsided. He began making eye contact, smiling, then giggling, now laughing and interacting, something we haven’t seen in almost two years. This is nothing short of a miracle. My now three-year-old son continues to improve daily, and we believe the possibilities for him are endless.”
KD, mother of young child

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